The Women’s Revolution: Wednesday, June 19th, 4:00pm ET

How has the changing role of women affected our lives? We’ll explore that question in the next Talk ’67 event. Women have become a dominant force in every aspect of American life. Not admitted to Yale when we were there, more women than men now graduate from high school, college, and professional schools.

In 1967, the model young American Woman was Miss America, Jane Anne Jayroe. Today, a leading American woman is Caitlin Clark, whose NCAA women’s national championship basketball games drew more viewers than the men’s games.

The Yale of our day saw Kingman Brewster, Jr. as President; today’s Yale will soon inaugurate Maurie McInnis as its 44th President.

In our lives, we have experienced many impacts of this Women’s Revolution….

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Who We Are; What We Do

  • We are an ad hoc group of class leaders (see below) of the Yale Classes of 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1973.
  • Each class organizes events, but here, “on the back nine” of life, we recognize that our numbers are dwindling, sometimes below the threshold for a successful event.  Inviting Yalies of “our generation” creates a viable audience, especially for specialized subjects,
  • Friendships often span class-year boundaries: It’s common to be friends with people a year or two ahead … or behind … your graduating class.  And, the generational glue that binds all of us who came of age in “the Sixties” makes sharing our events even more sensible. 

So, “Yale Boom” is born, a group defined as Yalies who came of age during the counter-culture and the reactions to it; during psychedelia and the Nixon prohibition; during The Beatles; during racial unrest and anti-war fervor and Kent State and so on.  This generation of Yalies was different from the Brooks-Brothers-buttoned-down group that preceded us and the “proto-professionals” who succeeded us.


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Regret: Uses and Misuses

Editor’s Note:  Here’s another Zoominar offered to the “Yale Boom” Classes of 67-73.  This one is sponsored by the Class of ’67, featuring Bob Leahy ’67, ’74 Ph.D., Director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy in New York.   The author of 29 books, Dr. Leahy will talk about his latest book, “If Only” … all about REGRET.  If interested, act fast.  Register before the event, March 19th at 2:00pm ET.

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Were You in the Yale 5-Year BA Program? Did You Take a “Gap” Year?

Some quick questions:

    • Where was your head during the ‘60s and ‘70s?  Did you decide to take “time off” from Yale?
    • If so, did you sign up for President Brewster’s “Experimental Five-Year BA” program?”  Or, did you think about it?
    • Or did you take a “gap year” of your own making? Or did you know a roommate or classmate who did?

We are reaching out to anyone from the “Boom years” who is interested in meeting with kindred souls to share memories about “what a difference a year made.” 

The intention is to invite all Boomers who would be interested in exchanging recollections and thoughts about the Yale 5-Year BA Program along with others who devised their own “gap year” experiences as part of their Yale undergraduate years.

To begin these conversations Mark McCormick (Yale ’68) and Tim Weiskel (Yale ’68) have scheduled an open access Zoominar for an hour on Thursday, 26 September 2024 at 4 PM Eastern Time. Please join in with your memories and reflections.  Or, if you are unable to attend, but wish to remain in contact on this theme, click the registration box as well, and let us know. 

Register Here

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WYBCX (Yale’s streaming radio) Hosts Zoom “The First Women at WYBC” Sunday, 11/13

Today at WYBCX – Yale’s streaming student station – the leaders and managers are mostly women. But that was very much NOT the case when the first female undergraduates arrived at WYBC in 1969 and after. So what was that transition like? And how did it affect the women and men who were there … and the station?

Find out by joining us on Sunday Nov 13, at 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT, for a special Zoom event titled “The First Women at WYBC.”

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Howorth’s Bridge Lessons for Yalies, Redux

In the summer of 2021, David Howorth (Davenport ’69 and nationally certified bridge instructor) hosted some online lessons to teach bridge to classmates — some who played earlier in their lives (and who wanted a refresher) and some newbies. Rave reviews followed.

Well, he’s offering the course again, starting in early October. Click thru to read more and sign up by September 25th.

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