The Dynamic Duo — Dowling to Hill — Score Again!

“Yale Football managed to span the many differences and lifted us to our better senses during the turmoil of the late ’60s,” an attendee at yesterday’s Zoom session with Brian Dowling and Calvin Hill wrote.  “So too did yesterday’s conversation transport us away from our worries and concerns of the current era.”  That reaction was widely shared (see Chat transcript below).   Or better, watch the video for yourself:

Here is a copy of the Chat; the kudos start around 13:59:00

  • 13:00:23 From Patricia Sheppard to Everyone : I am an interloper from Class of ’74, Davenport
  • 13:01:02 From Joel Wald to Everyone : I’m class of ’73, Saybrook.
  • 13:01:37 From Robert P Blank to Everyone : Wasn’t the last quarter of the ’68 Harvard game the worst refereed EVER?
  • 13:20:38 From Michael Weaver to Everyone : JE dean was Bob Keuhn
  • 13:20:39 From Frank Aronson to Everyone : Dean Robert Kuehn (sp??), JE . . .
  • 13:25:35 From Thomas Reed to Everyone : Can BD talk about the impact of Garry Trudeau’s Bull Tales on him as well as on the whole team?
  • 13:27:13 From John O’Leary to Everyone : Brian, I was in a Music Theory class with you. I thought Alexandro Planchard was the professor. I remember you sitting next to me with a cast on your wrist!
  • 13:27:52 From George Taylor to Everyone : Memories of Don Barrows??
  • 13:28:26 From Robert Dieter to Everyone : What are your thoughts on keeping freshman athletic teams separate from the varsity?
  • 13:28:56 From Dan Warren to Everyone : comment on letters of commitment for admission given to hockey players in 9th grade
  • 13:31:25 From Henry SCHNEIDERMAN to Everyone : Curt Gowdy?
  • 13:31:44 From William Martin to Everyone : How will traumatic brain injuries impact the sport of football at college and pro levels going forward?
  • 13:32:14 From bill baker to Everyone : My son played for New Trier High School and had Bob Levin as one of his coaches. Any particular good memories of Bob? By the way, my son was all-state linebacker, but his grades were not quite good enough for Yale. He ended up at Colgate.
  • 13:33:46 From Mark Connell to Everyone : When it turned out you both were, in fact, able to excel in football at the Ivy League level, did that make you wish you had gone to a more prominent college football program?
  • 13:36:02 From Christopher Conty to Everyone : Brian: I was taking a Poli Sci course that you were apparently also in. Because I took thorough notes, one of my classmates who knew you asked if he could borrow my notes to catch you up. You apparently didn’t pass, and had to give up winter and spring sports on probation to stay academically eligible. Wasn’t my fault, but I always felt bad!
  • 13:36:20 From Richard Bell to Everyone : What was your favourite play? I loved the play at Princeton where Calvin took the ball sweeping right, and then threw back to Brian, all alone, sprinting down the left side of the field for a TD.
  • 13:38:00 From David Anderson to Everyone : Are either of you involved in high school or other youth sports now?
  • 13:42:37 From Soni Oyekan to Everyone : Thank you so much to the organizers, to Calvin Hill and Brian Dowling, and to all of you. Please stay safe and have a pleasant week.
  • 13:46:45 From Richard Bell to Everyone : Thank you too. My wife just came in and said she hadn’t seen me this happy for a while!
  • 13:51:40 From Barry Dubin to Everyone : I was at The Game in 1968 and also there for the payback in 2019 – anyone else at both?
  • 13:52:13 From Jamie Harris to Everyone : I love what Cal is saying about timing. It is so appropriate. These two guys had absolutely the perfect timing on the field together so many times. They supported each others’ greatness through the way they were able to work together in the moment – planned, but spontaneous and creative.
  • 13:52:47 From danny begel to Everyone : Thanks to whoever organized this. Calvin, Brian, thanks for bringing back some great memories! It’s been an honor to be your teammate and friend.
  • 13:53:25 From Robert P Blank to Everyone : They both are and always were pure class.
  • 13:53:25 From Henry SCHNEIDERMAN to Everyone : Very well said Jamie
  • 13:55:44 From Bill Vollero to Everyone : In late spring’67,I was cleaning my room at Person for the last time, when Calvin ambled in, and we chatted about Pierson, which I was just leaving. He’s the open guy he is now; and that I’m impressed, as I hae been impressed with his son Grant. Since that area of Pierson was then called the “Slave Quarter,” I wonder how Calvin and Brian thinks Yale has done on the social leadership front over the last 50+ years. Thanks.
  • 13:57:12 From Robert Pollack to Everyone : Gotta run. Cal/Brain and others. Go to see y’all
  • 13:57:23 From Michael Orlansky to Everyone : Many thanks for this excellent program, bringing back many good memories. I was in the Yale Band, and saw all of your games up close (except away games at Cornell and Dartmouth). It was thrilling. You and your teammates will always be remembered. Thanks to the Class of ’69 for organizing this. Glad to see several of my ’67 classmates in the audience, too!
  • 13:58:06 From Jamie Harris to Everyone : Thanks to the organizers and to Cal and Brian for this event. Really enjoyed it. I have to leave for a business meeting at the hour. Good health to all. Jamie Harris
  • 13:59:32 From robert hoban to Everyone : Very interesting discussion. But now I must go. All the best to everyone.
  • 13:59:34 From Peter Kahn to Moderator : Please ask Calvin why it is he couldn’t convince his wonderful son, Grant, to go to Yale to play basketball?!
  • 13:59:46 From George Lazarus ’67 to Everyone : Thank you, Class of ’69, for this excellent program with two real Yale legends. So good to see some friends in the audience, too!
  • 14:00:04 From Michael Baum to Everyone : Speaking of Ivy League standards – what about reserving spaces in admissions class for athletes playing specific sports? I first learned Yale does that in the reporting about the recruitment scandal a year ago. Seemed contrary to the Ivy League principle re athletics
  • 14:00:15 From Rashad Dabaghi to Everyone : Do you agree with paying football players in college with marketing rights, etc.? How will paying D1 football players affect Ivy League football?
  • 14:03:59 From mike gawel to Everyone : Loved the stories and discussions. Great memories. I was on the field every game as captain of Yale Cheerleaders.
  • 14:04:31 From John Calfee to Everyone : Calvin Hill to Brian Dowling for touchdown 1st quarter 1967 Princeton at Princeton that generated at least 5,000 oranges hitting the field
  • 14:05:08 From Milton Puryear to Moderator : Freshman year Coach Jacunski called me Alvin Puryear, who was a ’58 graduate I think. By the Cornell game I stopped trying to correct him and just answered to Alvin for the rest of the year.
  • 14:05:32 From Charlie DeWeese to Everyone : I was a year ahead of you guys, hanging on the indoor track team thinking I was a high jumper and long jumper, and then Calvin came out for the team and I understood immediately that I didn’t have any future at it. It was a wonderful thing to see.
  • 14:05:37 From Barry Dubin to Everyone : And after that Princeton Game, George W. Bush ’68 was arrested on the goalposts
  • 14:06:42 From Richard Bell to Moderator : I wanted to ask Brian if he remembered coming out on his balcony two days before that Princeton game before a big rally, with people throwing up oranges for him too crush. And then moving on to Kingman’s house, where Kingman came out with his family and crushed a few oranges for the rally.
  • 14:07:42 From anne to Everyone : thanks for all these insights and memories of being a student athlete at Yale! -Anne Keating ‘77
  • 14:07:43 From mike gawel to Everyone : Barry, we climbed to the top of goalpost and swayed until the steel base broke off.
  • 14:09:26 From Paul Chapman to Everyone : Brian and Calvin, 1968 was such a challenging, indeed revolutionary year. Your incredible season that fall gave us something to cheer about, your partnership was an inspiration. Thank you for your reflections on what Yale meant to you, and thanks to the Class of 69 for hosting this program. Much appreciated!
  • 14:11:49 From Bruce Leppla to Everyone : There was no more lasting memory from my first two years at Yale than walking out to the Yale Bowl with friends on a crisp Fall Day and watching Brian and Calvin take apart team after team. Brian seemed to spend 2 or even 3 minutes dancing around defensive linemen and blitzing cornerbacks looking for the right receiver, and then hitting him in stride. It was a very special era with two remarkable athletes. Thanks for the memories.
  • 14:12:42 From mike gawel to Everyone : Yale Black Sports Zoom in three hours
  • 14:15:09 From Dave Walline to Everyone : Good catch, Brian! Washington Football Team
  • 14:15:37 From mike gawel to Everyone : Yale Black Sports zoom 9479=04377822
  • 14:15:40 From Dave Walline to Everyone : It actually sounds like a good, semi-permanent team name.
  • 14:15:51 From bill baker to Everyone : wonderful conversation!
  • 14:15:52 From Sam Weisman to Everyone : Great session. Best to Calvin and Brian!
  • 14:16:18 From Henry SCHNEIDERMAN to Everyone : Great session, thank you Calvin and Brian. I was a freshman when you were seniors and have always admired you intensely!
  • 14:16:30 From Thomas McDonald to Everyone : Great job, Brian and Calvin!
  • 14:16:36 From Ronald Neumann to Everyone : I recently read a terrific book called “The Game” by George Howe Colt about players on both teams, the game and the times.
  • 14:16:43 From Robert Shlachter to Everyone : thanks, Calvin and Brian!!! great program.
  • 14:16:56 From Dave Walline to Everyone : Great conversation; many thanks!
  • 14:16:58 From John Cooney to Everyone : This makes me proud to have gone to Yale. Thank you very much
  • 14:17:21 From Patrick Madden to Everyone : Terrific hour, Thank you Brian and Calvin Pat Madden
  • 14:17:22 From Abu Timbo to Everyone : Thanks to both of you
  • 14:17:24 From Joseph Kasimer to Everyone : Thanks Calvin and Brian. brought back happy memories of my days as a football manager.
  • 14:18:10 From Victor Hall Jr. to Everyone : Thanks to all. It was ALL GOOD,
  • 14:18:44 From Rich Schwartz to Everyone : I just want to add my thanks to Brian and Calvin. You were exciting to watch in college—those memories are fantastic. And it has been fascinating, and sometimes even inspiring, to listen to you now.
  • 14:19:08 From Walt Rose to Everyone : Thanks to both brian and Calvin for a wonderdful session.
  • 14:21:56 From Jeffrey Lawrence to Everyone : I have a comment not a question. Over the years the 1968 Harvard Yale game has become like Woodstock. Everybody claims to have been there.
  • 14:23:40 From Mike Gawel to Everyone : Thanks so much. On BO session 6
  • 14:24:02 From Jeffrey Lawrence to Everyone : Brian and Calvin – Thanks so much. This was great
  • 14:24:55 From Ned Culver to Everyone : GTG great to see everyone. Thanks, Brian and Wayne (and Calvin wherever you are)
  • 14:25:39 From Carl Lazarus to Everyone : Great event! Glad to see everyone.
  • 14:31:29 From C Michael Harrington to Everyone : Terrific program, Wayne.
  • 15:01:49 From David Herzer to Everyone : You, too, Ben…..
  • 15:02:47 From Fred Morris to Everyone : Brian and Cal…good to see you guys. Nice to hear all the stories.

4 thoughts on “The Dynamic Duo — Dowling to Hill — Score Again!”

  1. this was a terrific event which left me (and I bet everyone else) smiling and in a good mood. Calvin and Brian were fun to listen to and the moderator let them run with the ball.

    We knew at the time something special was going on but to realize the power of those memories and the vivid detail that remains in our minds 50 years later confirms it.

  2. Wayne,
    Thanks for organizing this and for inviting ’68 classmates. I graduated in ’69 but am associated with ’68, the class I started with. I knew Brian and Calvin from being in Deke with them and got to know Cal well since we were on the track team and he would run with me, a sprinter, when he did speed work. I’ll always remember an event on our Spring track training trip to Florida. Our bus stopped at a roadside restaurant in So. Carolina or Georgia for a meal. Paul Jones ’68 and Cal were sitting by themselves at a “black table” and I sensed their uneasiness. I joined them just before the waitress came over. I will always remember them saying “You can tell who your friends are.”
    Thanks again for the great Zoom with them and I look forward to future events.
    J. William “Bill” Howerton DC’68

  3. Wayne:
    Thanks again for bringing this entertaining event to our screens; it was well-produced and gave us all a delightful opportunity to revisit those glory years, and fill in some blanks in the story. Dowling’s synopsis of Tom Brady’s success was better than anything the sports channels have to offer; and he and Cal were generous to let us all into their lives – I came away with even more respect for what they accomplished.
    Good job moderating, too; you seemed comfortable in the hot seat, and kept the discussion moving.
    Look forward to future events!
    best regards-
    Tom Keefe MC ‘71

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